The secret ingredient to a well designed space

by stylist Cassie Smith 

Does your home feel like it’s missing something? It’s probably texture. Texture is the secret ingredient to a well designed space and is an element that often gets forgotten about. Adding texture to a room is all about finding the right balance. 

The texture of your sofa is the first decision you need to make when creating a living space for you and your family. Design and function are equally as important when it comes to your sofa, so it’s important to choose wisely, based on your needs and how you live. 

A great suite is the La-Z-Boy Romano 3 & 2 seater. It comes in a huge variety of classic leathers and contemporary fabrics to suit your families lifestyle (therefore lots of options for different textures). It boasts deep seating, plush armrests and will fit right into any style of home.

La-Z-Boy’s Prague modular offers another perfect solution for comfort and style. Also available in a wide range of fabric and leather options, the Prague works perfectly in a cosy family home right up to the chicest of inner city apartments. 

Now that we’ve covered the texture of your sofa, here are some different textures you can easily add to your living space through accessories and decor: 

Rattan: 2018 has been the year of rattan (or comeback should I say!). Rattan is no longer something you’d just see on your grandparents porch, it’s back and in some of the trendiest spaces around the world. One of the best things about rattan is how easily it mixes with different design styles. Mid century - check! Earthy - check! Boho - check! Test the waters with a rattan lampshade or a serving tray. 

Velvet: Velvet has been big for a year or two now however it’s certainly not showing any signs of going anywhere. Velvet is the perfect way to add a touch of luxe to your space, all you need is a few silky velvet cushions and voilà. 

Wood: I think wood is like denim jeans, it’s always going to be in. There’s no doubt we’re going to see different shades and colours come and go (dark wood is on the brink of exploding onto the scene- you heard it here first) but personally I’m still completely in love with blonde wood. Does your couch have wooden legs? Try matching new wooden decor to the colour of your pre-existing wood. 

Marble: It’s timeless, striking and luxurious all at the same time. Something to remember when dealing with marble - less is more. Use it in small doses in things like coasters, trivets or even a beautiful paperweight. 

Terrazzo: Terrazzo is the other front runner for the biggest design trend of 2018. In fact I’d even go as far to say that it’s marble’s cooler cousin. Terrazzo has been spotted just about everywhere from large surfaces like flooring and bench tops right down to small decorative pieces like vases, mugs and even pendant lighting. Terrazzo comes in an endless variety of colours, shapes and sizes so remember that you don’t have to go big and bold, there are lots of designs out there that are small and subtle if that’s more your thing.

Plants: Yes that’s right, plants are textured too! Everyone needs to go out right now and buy at least one plant for every room of the house. Plants aren’t just a pretty face, they’ve been scientifically proven to lower stress, eliminate harmful toxins in the air and help us get a better nights sleep. Head to your local nursery and look for textural plants like Maidenhair ferns, Monsteras and Variegated rubber plants.

So in summary, whether it is your sofa and the fabric you choose or the accessories that you use to complement your sofa, texture is definitely the key to creating a well designed and cohesive space.  

Moodboard credits: Rattan floorlamp : Beacon Lighting / Leather strap shelf : Leo & Bella /Velvet cushions : Kip & Co / Throw & wooden tray : Country Road / Vases : Zakkia / Leather & brass magazine rack : Aemcateer / Wire basket : Ferm Living 

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