Seasonal Decorating

Unless you live somewhere like California that’s a perfect 25 degrees all year round, chances are you’ve recently switched the fan for the heater, an iced latte for a hot chocolate and the swimming pool for a steamy bubble bath. We change a lot about our lives depending on the season so why shouldn’t our homes be included?

Seasonal decorating is basically the equivalent of dressing for various seasons, but for your home. There’s few out there that can afford (or be bothered) to completely redesign their entire home every season. So I suggest incorporating those seasonal changes via homewares like cushions, throws or vases.

I find that I’m naturally attracted to certain colours and textures depending on the season and if you think about it you probably are too. Are you a neutral/dark tones dresser in winter and add a bit of colour into rotation during the warmer months? This is essentially what I do at home - decorate with winter tones in winter and summer tones in summer. For winter try using black and greys as your base and combining them with moody shades like peacock blue, terracotta and a hint of blush - all super on trend.

We also use our homes differently during the seasons. Getting ready for winter doesn’t just mean putting the pedestal fan back in the cupboard. Try adding some extra pillows, and have a few blanket options for those family movie nights on the couch. If your are looking for a new suite then the Romano by La-Z-Boy delivers on style and comfort.

Remember if you do give seasonal decorating a go, don’t throw any of your old homewares out. Homewares and colours come back into fashion the same way clothes do so hold onto those 20 mustard cushions you bought 3 years ago because I promise you’ll love them again... eventually!

By Cassie Smith

Moodboard credits: Teapot & mug : Finnish Design Shop / Throw & blankets : Adairs / Storage basket : Muuto / Lamp: Beacon Lighting / Lantern : Top 3 / Vases : Mud

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