Rugs that deliver on style and comfort

Texture is one of the key elements in creating a winter room, and adding layers of natural fibres including wool, sheepskin and linen intrinsically adds warmth and depth. Rugs are often the first item in a room that you encounter, but when looking at a space, they are often overlooked in lieu of standout pieces like art work. The importance of rugs though, cannot be overlooked, as they help define a space, especially in a larger open plan area, and can also add texture, colour, depth and acoustic qualities.

The Nebraska Rug is perfect for grounding family lounge areas, with a blend of wool and viscose in a soft weave, which makes it warm and cosy underfoot, but with a practicality for everyday living. Soft, natural colourways in both light and dark grey and beige tones are perfect for grounding colour schemes, working well in both pared back homes, and colourful eclectic ones. 

The Arrowtown Rug has a soft raised pattern within the neutral colourway, adding interest to a simple colourway. This can be perfect for lounge areas which require a little more interest, provided though the crossed raised pattern reminiscent of traditional Beni Ourain patterns.  In a mid-tone Silver and a dark charcoal, both colourways provide a grounded aesthetic for any colour palette. 

The Delaine Multi is a statement rug – with block colour and an organic pattern reminiscent of a watercolour. Finished in wool, this rug not only adds colour, but also important texture and warmth for winter months. Adding a statement rug adds a playfulness to pared back, modern furniture, and can help elevate an all-white interior. Big is best for statement rugs, and they can be layered in a space with other simple rugs such as jute or cotton. Purchase a statement rug as you would an art piece, adding it in an organic and intrinsic manner for an eclectic result. 

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Article written by stylist :Tina Stephen

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Seasonal Decorating

Unless you live somewhere like California that’s a perfect 25 degrees all year round, chances are you’ve recently switched the fan for the heater, an iced latte for a hot chocolate and the swimming pool for a steamy bubble bath. We change a lot about our lives depending on the season so why shouldn’t our homes be included?