Recliner Features

La-Z-Boy has defined comfort since 1928, we offer an extensive range of recliners to accommodate all types and levels of needs with a vast selection of fabric and leather options  – you’re sure to find a recliner to perfectly fit you and the style of your home. Only genuine La-Z-Boy recliners put your comfort first with quality that’s built to last. 

Rocker Recliner

Enjoy the comfort of a Rocker Recliner with the added feature of a classic rocking and smooth reclining motion with a three-position footrest. Rocker recliners are perfect for those looking to rock and recline with total body and lumbar support at all times. 

Glideaway Recliner 

La-Z-Boy's 'Glideaway' action is exclusively engineered to provide a smooth reclining movement, letting you kick back, even when placed close to a wall, making them perfect for small spaces. Only 152mm of space between the back of the chair and wall is required. 

Flick Action Recliner

La-Z-Boys Flick Action recliner offers smooth reclining motion and total body support with one fixed footrest position and easy flick action lever.

Power Recliner 

La-Z-Boy offer the next generation in PowerRecline. PowerRecline XR allows you to raise and lower the back and leg rest independently or together in any combination. Upgrade to PowerXR+ for additional comfort features that include power tilt headrest and power lumbar support to relieve lower back fatigue and stiffness. 

Lift Chairs

For those that need mobility assistance, La-Z-Boy power Lift Recliners are the perfect choice. At the touch of a button, our powered Lift Chairs let you comfortably relax and recline, then securely assist you from a sitting to standing position. La-Z-Boy puts the power in your hands.

Nordic Collection

The Nordic Collection not only offers you stylish looks, but has features and options that will add to your comfort. Adjustable recliner tension - for your personalised comfort. Recline 155 degrees - almost flat position ensuring your full body relaxation. Swivel 360 degrees - great for resting or entertaining. Easy to activate paddle handle - making reclining easy. Adjustable headrest, making it easy to sit forward to read or, sit back and relax.

High Tech

Looking for the gold class in reclining? Choose one of our High Tech recliners – not only are they extremely comfortable, but very easy to use. Choose to recline, move your headrest, adjust your lumbar support or elevate your footrest, all at the touch of a button and all with an easy to use remote. Even better is that the High Tech recliners which are part of the First Class range, come with an easy to use app, so you recline using your android or apple (phone/I-pad) - easy to use and easy to relax…