Quality moments spent with loved ones – our favourite stories from our recent competition!

We were overwhelmed by the stories shared by you all on our recent Facebook competition, where people had the opportunity to win a new Nordic Rolf Recliner! by tagging someone they would enjoy spending quality time with.  We were astounded with the response, with nearly 4,000 of you commenting.  Therefore, we thought through the spirit of Christmas that we would share our favourite stories from your responses. It was definitely humbling and we thank you all for sharing. 

Stories about babies:

Whether it was about impending arrivals or babies that were already here, there were plenty of people who loved the idea of having a La-Z-Boy Nordic recliner in their nursery (and we don’t blame them!).

  • ‘I need one of these La-Z-Boy’s for when bubba arrives!! It would make our sleepless nights more bearable’
  • ‘One more month b4 number 5 comes into the world. This La-Z-Boy would be great to lie back and take the weight off our feet, relax n chill’
  • ‘I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my new 3 month old grandson. This La-Z-Boy would be the perfect way to bond 'granny and grandson’'
  • ‘This would be perfect for feeding our foster babies on. I’m 55 and really need a comfortable chair. We foster newborns, so spend a lot of time feeding and cuddling”

Stories about the Christmas break and the festive season:

Christmas can be a busy time of year, but also signifies the start of the holidays! Which means being able to take a moment to reflect and breathe. Many of you agreed.

  • ‘My husband has worked so very hard this year and would love to put his feet up in his very own La-Z-Boy Rolf Recliner with ottoman’
  • ‘I love the holidays and being bale to spend quality time when no one has to rush to work’ 
  • ‘Christmas brings the families together. Love time with all of them, but if I won, I’d gift this to …. I can see her chilling back in this recliner and reading one of her many books’
  • ‘I’m going to be spending this Christmas with my mum for the first time in 32 years. Can’t wait!’ 

Stories about ‘Standing the test of time’:

La-Z-Boy has been around for a long time! We love that we have been enjoyed by so many  people across the years. 

  • ‘Would love to upgrade his La-Z-Boy as the one that he still reclines in is 20 years old and still works perfectly well, but time for a new design’
  • ‘I would love to relax on this awesome La-Z-Boy. I think my Dad had one of the original ones and we used to fight over it as kids when he wasn’t home. We loved it!’
  • ‘We have had La-Z-Boy’s since we could first afford one almost 35 years ago and have since bought another suite made by you. Now we need to replace the first one in our living room, so are hoping to get that before we retire” 

Who can 'get to the La-Z-Boy first':

That is something we love to hear at La-Z-Boy…the ‘race’ to the La-Z-Boy! It is fantastic to know that the La-Z-Boy recliner or sofa is the treasure for most at the end of a long day.

  • ‘This looks so comfortable and to be able to put my feet up on a foot stool whilst reclining would be sooooo goood. I love spending time with my hubby. I’m sure we would have to play ‘paper, scissors, rock’ to see who would get to sit in it’
  • ‘Love spending time with my girl. It would definitely be a race to see who could get to and sit in the La-Z-Boy first’. 
  • ‘This would be a great chair to sit and relax on and play the playstation. Might be a fight between us on who sits on it’

We received numerous entries that referred to friends or loved ones having had a difficult year, especially through sickness and health issues.  We are very sorry to hear this and can only hope that every one of those people feel better soon. May you all have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. 

Competition ran from the 6th December to the 12th December and is now closed. Names and references to places have been removed to protect identities. 

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