Kenworth Ottoman

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The below coverings are available on your selected La-Z-Boy product - please contact your nearest store for more details on your preferred selection

  • Classic Fabric A
    Caesar Burgundy A520009
    Caesar Charcoal A520050
    Caesar Old Navy A520086
    Elizabeth Leaf A521723
    Elizabeth Tan A521736
    Elizabeth Char A521750
    Elizabeth Ocean A521795
    Alecto Square Black A522350
    Alecto Square Stone A522356
    General Pebble A522836
    Charcoal A522850-General
    General Mocha A522870
    General Navy A522886
    Jordon Coal A523050
    Jordon Silver A523054
    Jordon Oak Brown A523072
    Jordon Pacific A523096
    Muse Cedar AA521924
    Muse Camel AA521946
    Muse Coffee AA521977
    Persistent Grey A522054
    Persistent Jet A522050
    Persistent Linen A522036
    Primo Rasin A522544
    Esprit Moon Dust A527622
    Esprit Pepper A527628
    Esprit Pebble A527636
    Esprit Charcoal A527650
    Esprit Silver A527652
    Esprit Slate A527654
  • Classic Fabric B
    Xamadu Muskrat B990570
    Xanadu Peacock B990586
    Curious Garnet 40546N
    Curious Java 40547N
    Curious Oatmeal 40548N
    Curious Pacific 40549N
    Curious Raven 40550N
    Curious Teal 40551N
  • Classic Fabric C
    Dimples Jute B957632
    Dimples Mocha B957670
    Majestic Thistle B980326
    Majestic Navy B980387
    Cobblestone Taupe C522136
    Cobblestone Sable C522175
    Cobblestone Peacock C522189
    522909 Patron Bordeaux CW
    Patron Ash CW522952
    Patron Pearl CW522962
    Majestic Battleship C980357
    Barossa Ebony C40448N
    Harvard Charcoal C40552N
    Harvard Graphite C40553N
    Harvard Spa C40554N
    Barossa Teal C40449N
  • Classic Fabric D
    Sultry Shadow D109454
    Sultry Shell D109464
    Sultry Tan D109468
    Sultry Espresso D109479
    V-Handloom Grey D522652
    V-Handloom Chocolate D522674
  • Classic Leather L
    Forest 714825
    Cloud 714832
    Ivory 714836
    Black 714850
    Storm 714854
    Pebble 714857
    Chestnut 714874
    Mocha 714877
    Claret 714889
    Fern 714890
    Pacific 714899
  • Classic Leather M
    Lily 35-42
    Frappe 35-47
    Midnite 35-49
    Scarlet 35-50
    Walnut 35-51
    Ebony 35-52
    Merlot 35-53
    Cotton 35-60
Options and Upgrades
Disclaimer: Product image may depict coverings that are no longer available or differ from actual colour. For current covering options please contact your local retailer. Price may vary depending on covering choice.
Product Details
Designed with twin needle topstitched detailing, the Kenworths modern style is sure to please. (Product shown is in Classic Leather M).
    • Height: 430
    • Width: 610
    • Depth: 610
    Disclaimer: All dimensions are shown in millimeters and are a guide only. Variations in dimensions and appearance can occur. Construction differences in upholstery covering (cloth and leather) can cause variances in dimensions.
    This product comes with the following warranties:
    • 10 Year Warranty on Foam
    • 10 Year Warranty on Frame
    • 3 year Warranty on Leather
    • 1 Year Warranty on Fabric
    Visit our Warranty page for more details
    To learn how to care for this product, please read:
    Designed with twin needle topstitched detailing, the Kenworths modern style is sure to please. (Product shown is in Classic Leather M).