If my La-Z-Boy recliner could talk – Stories from generations of La-Z-Boy lovers

La-Z-Boy has been part of families lives for generations with many special moments shared and experiences had. No only that, but rituals surrounding comfort have been developed and maintained, for example Grandad whose only spot to sit is the La-Z-Boy recliner, or the chair where Mum's have rocked their little ones to sleep at all hours of the night.

No matter what the moment, La-Z-Boy has definately been part of living rooms for years and will continue to for generations to come. Recently, the team at La-Z-Boy ran a competition to capture and celebrate some of these moments, the team at La-Z-Boy really enjoyed reading all the comments shared, so much so that we couldn't resist sharing a few.                  

La-Z-Boy Standing the Test of Time                                                                                                                     

La-Z-Boy has been around for a long time! We love that we have been enjoyed by so many people and in many cases families have passed down their much loved La-Z-Boy Recliner from generation to generation.          


  • My dad’s La-Z-Boy is 41 years old. He bought it in 1977 for $360.65. Mum has had it recovered twice . It’s still going strong’

  • My La-Z-Boy turns 50 this year, and each night he sits in our La-Z-Boy boy chair that is about 20 years old’

  • I have a La-Z-Boy chair that has to be nearly half a century OLD has the wing tips. Belonged to grandfather it is olive green and velvet. Reminds me of the lazy boy in the sitcom Frasier that their father would not GIVE up under any circumstances’

Pet Haven

Pets have a way of warming our hearts and in many homes claiming the best seat in the house, leaving many owners left scratching their heads wondering where they will sit?

  • 'This was my husband’s grandmothers. We're picking approx 39yrs old. Bill doesn't mind a bit’                                          
  • ‘Our two are pretty old...prob at least 20 years or more and are now the chairs for our dogs'

Favourite Grandparent Memories

Childhood memories that will stay with you a lifetime.   


  • This is Nana Betty’s beloved chair. Not sure on its age, but she sadly departed in 2001, and had it for a good while before that. Going from the glorious print and lush material - old?! My uncle has adopted Nana Betty’s and Poppa’s La-Z-Boys and could do with a modern version that he can get in and out of easily’  


  • Not sure how old it is, was my grandfather's pride and joy, he died when I was fifteen so it's over 32 years old. I'm suspecting it's probably closer to 40 though. It's been reupholstered since it has sentimental value for me. Was originally mustard in colour.’

La-Z-Boy Babies

Babies are just so special, each new arrival brings happiness to the home and the inevitable odd sleepless night, many of you commented that rocking on your recliners has helped you through many a sleepless night.

  • This is my La-Z-Boy I got when I was pregnant and it is soooo comfy we love it but we could do with another one so me and hubby won’t have to fight over it ! Not sure how old it is but I think its 1965 ish’

  • We bought a lounge suit with two LA-Z-BOY chairs 37 years ago. Both are still going and are now used to rock grandchildren after rocking their mums when they were babies, it would be so nice to have a new model’

  • We inherited ours from my husband’s mum 14 years ago and has seen us through sleepless nights with our 6 children. It is definitely due to retire

A big thankyou to all who entered our recent Facebook competition and for sharing their family stories and favourite memories of time spent on your La-Z-Boy recliner.

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