Understanding Fabric Pilling & Maintenance

Pilling is a very normal process, that occurs with the daily usage of your sofa, recliner or armchair. It is often mistaken as a fabric or manufacturer fault, but with the correct care, can easily be treated at home.

What is pilling?

As the fabric surface of your furniture is rubbed, a single or small group of loose fibres begin to twist upon themselves forming tiny balls of fluff or "pills". It generally occurs in the ‘settling’ stages, when fibres make their way to the surface and friction occurs. Rest assured it is a very natural and normal tendency of fabric.

What causes pilling?

  • Climatic Conditions (including atmospheric purity).

  • Clothing Types – Certain clothing types can transfer pills from the clothing to the furniture fabric.

  • Animals – Flecks of dirt from animals can also sometimes start the process of pilling.

How do you fix pilling?

Pilling is most successfully removed with battery operated pilling tools available from your nearest Spotlight (or similar store).

Will this process damage my Furniture?

"De-pilling" only removes unsightly loose surface fibres, and does not affect the fabric performance.

With regular care, your furniture will not display any pilling, meaning you can truly enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.