La-Z-Boy offers an extensive range of recliners, with different functionality, styles and comfort levels, meaning there is no doubt you will find the perfect recliner unique to you and your home. Only genuine La-Z-Boy recliners put your comfort first, with quality built to last.

Find the Perfect Recliner To Fit Your Body

Are you tall, short, or somewhere in between? La-Z-Boy has something for everyone! A common question customers ask is, “How can I pick the best recliner for me?” Picking a recliner is a lot like getting fitted shoes, in that one size doesn’t fit all. It’s important to try first, ensuring the cushions and leg rest align with your neck, back, and leg position. This will help to avoid unnecessary aches and pains.

The Benefits Of a Recliner Chair

La-Z-Boy recliners are designed to provide support in the areas where comfort is needed, perfect for posture control and for sufferers of leg, arm or back pain. Put your feet up after a long day and allow gravity to naturally reduce stress and inflammation.

Next Steps to Finding the Perfect Recliner

Start by viewing the below links to discover recliners to suit your height. If you need more help, visit your nearest La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery store, where our experienced team can help select a recliner perfect to you.

Are You SMALL?
Height between 152 - 179cm

You’ll need a La-Z-Boy recliner with reduced proportions to accommodate your height. These recliners offer La-Z-Boy comfort on a smaller scale.

Are You TALL?
Height between 155 - 188cm

You’ll need a La-Z-Boy Recliner with a higher seat and taller back. These recliners offer La-Z-Boy comfort with the added ability to accommodate those with longer legs.

Are You Extra-Tall?
Height between from 192cm upward

You’ll need a La-Z-Boy Recliner with a wider stance, deep seat and supportive back. These recliners offer La-Z-Boy comfort on a larger scale.