5 ways to achieve a stress free home this Christmas

1)    Preparation is key

Whether it is cleaning the house, food preparation or shopping, preparation is the key to success!

 Food preparation

Prepare food in advance for Christmas day! There is nothing stopping you from making your pavlova a few weeks in advance and freezing it or how about a big pot of bolognaise for boxing day or the days following Christmas when you have more guests. You can even stock pile dry goods, to ensure you always have food in the pantry for visitors who just stop by. Simple but easy solutions for food preparation.

If you can’t face preparation, remember that there are lots of amazing organisations like My Food bag or Jess’s Underground Kitchen with ready-made meals and meal preparation all under control.  

Shopping preparation

Why not buy on-line and in advance! Often it can be cheaper and much easier than battling the crowd and one less thing to worry about.  Once you receive the gifts, wrap straight away to avoid a night of wrapping (and stressing) on Christmas Eve.

 2)    Take time out for yourself

In all the chaos, it is important to actually prioritise yourself! Whether it is reading a book or taking a walk, just 30minutes to yourself every other day will ensure that you are relaxed and ready to embark on the next spot of shopping. The Serenity by La-Z-Boy is the perfect option to curl up and read.


3)    Travel

If you are travelling, ensure that your car has had a recent oil and water check and tyres are full of air well in advance of the day of departure. This will ensure that you are not stressing on the day with un-necessary task. If travelling by air, you can always arrive early or an early check in the night before.

4)    Reflect and embrace

Sit back and enjoy reading to your children, grandchildren or even a neighbours child (perfect time for Christmas stories).  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will be taken back to your childhood and reminded at how magical Christmas actually is. A big cosy sofa like the Apollo by La-Z-Boy is a must!

 5)    Ask the neighbours!

If you need help, ask for it! You’ll be surprised at how many people love helping others at this time of year, and means you in turn will feel support and comfort in the lead up to the Christmas period. 

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