5 tips on creating lasting New Years resolutions

There is nothing better than sitting back on your La-Z-Boy recliner and contemplating the year that has been, whilst considering the possibilities for the year to come. We find this time of year  provides the perfect opportunity to set goals. Below are 5 tips which will help the process and ensure lasting New Year’s resolutions. 

Tip One: Focus on your resolutions

To feel a sense of acheivement, have one major goal and 4 minor goals.  That way, you can direct more focus and energy on the one major goal, but still work away slowely at the other goals. This will ensure more chance for success!  

Tip Two: Resolution timeline

To help yourself achieve these goals, link each goal to a date. Make sure the dates are achievable and you’ll be surpirsed at what happens.

Bonus Tip: Choose a date that is not New Years’s day to start! This way you won’t feel the same amount of pressure, as the expectation won't be as high. 

Tip Three: Vary your resolutions

Make sure your goals are varied. Don’t make them all about fitness or family or work. You will broaden your horizons and it means there is a higher chance of achieving success.

Themes could include: Fitness, work, family, money, housing, charity, hobbies (i.e. TV watching, sports, crafts, reading, meet  people through organisations or groups you may join)

Tip Four: Checking in 

In your phone or calendar, mark a date that you will check in on your goals. That way on that day you will refer back to how you are progressing and will give you a timely reminder to re-engage with your goals.

Bonus Tip: You don’t have to do this weekly, but ensure it is regular enough to be able to make changes before the year end.   

Tip Five: Celebrate success

If you achieve your resolutions, celebrate! This way you will feel a sense of acheivement and are more likely to achieve your other goals. Set yourself rewards, especially for your major goal.

Ideas for rewards could include: Going to a movie, a dinner date, going for a holiday or adventure, buying yourself a gift, have a day to yourself!

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