5 Interior Trends For Winter

The days in Melbourne are officially getting colder and darker earlier and while I’m much more of a summer girl I’m trying to be optimistic and think about how I can embrace this gloomy weather, indoors. Here’s some winter trends that you can embrace too:

1. Rich, moody colours:

Colours like maroon, terracotta, olive and peacock blue have been slowly sneaking their way into magazines and our newsfeeds. But as of winter 2018, they’re officially here. Whether you decide to repaint an entire room, purchase a new suite or buy a few new cushions to test the waters, I strongly advise you embrace this winter trend.

 2. Winter flowers:

Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite flowers are in season in spring/summer. But boy oh boy, does winter produce the goods! Do yourself a favour and head to your local market and look out for the following:

- Daphne

- Hellebores

- Hyacinth

- Anemones

- Blushing Bride

- Ranunculus

3. Velvet:

It was here last winter but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Start small with an accent, like throw pillows or a pouf in your favourite winter shade. I’m currently riding the terracotta bandwagon which looks beautiful with a hint of blush or burgundy.

4. Fireplace accessories:

If you’ve got a fireplace, this one’s for you. There’s always been a gap in the market for stylish fireplace accessories, until now. Finally we’re seeing wood baskets, blow pokers and all the other classic tools being created with the design savvy in mind.

5. Candles:

Picture this... you’re throwing a dinner party for some friends, you’ve got a few bottles of red at the ready, the food is in the oven and the table is set, what’s missing I hear you ask?Candles! Turn off the lights and entertain by candlelight.

By Cassie Smith 

Moodboard credits:

Clock: Atipico / Cushions & Throw: Citta Design / Fireplace accessories: Top 3 / Tray: Ferm Living / Votive: Littala Milano Modular Suite: La-Z-Boy

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