4 crucial questions to ask when searching for the perfect chair

Purchasing a new piece of furniture requires more than just selecting the right style and colour. It has to suit your needs and lifestyle too.

Have you ever spent time sitting on a chair and then developed a sore back? Or had trouble getting in and out of a recliner? Your height, frame and health issues can make a big difference to your requirements. Tall people can find some chairs too low, while shorter people might find their feet swinging in the air.

Recliners are like shoes, looks are important, but comfort is key. When starting your search go into store, spend time sitting on different chairs, ask the very knowledgeable sales assistants for help and involve the family members who will spend the most time in the chair. Then ask yourself 4 crucial ergonomic questions:

Do my feet touch the floor when the back is upright?

Does the headrest support my head and neck?

Is the footrest easy to manoeuvre?

How's the cushioning?

If you’re not as sprightly as you used to be, getting the correct type and right-sized chair is especially important, but you can go one step better with a recliner lift chair. The La-Z-Boy Platinum Lift Chair will ease you out of the chair at the touch of a button. You’ll just have to fight the grandkids for it when they are visiting.

Just like in the popular fairy tale Goldilocks and the Bears you can buy furniture items in different sizes, just like clothing, to better suit your frame. For example, the La-Z-Boy Eden Chaise Rocker comes in a regular, large and extra-large.

Knowing what features to look for and what your most important requirement in a chair or lounge suite are can help you narrow down the search for the perfect chair, couch or lounge suite. Contact your closest La-Z-Boy store and let us help you live life comfortably. 

La-Z-Boy's First Class Collection

We know how important it is to be comfortable and relaxed, so much so that we have designed the ultimate in reclining experience with the First Class Collection. Not only can you recline, but you can lie almost completely flat, adjust the headrest independently and even have the ability to charge your phone or tablet making the First Class Collection, pure luxury.

3 suites for small spaces (including floorplans)

With our urban landscape spreading and multi-story apartments being developed around every corner, it is clear that housing and the way people live is changing. Smaller apartments or townhouses are becoming more popular across most age groups. Those nearing retirement (in particular) like the manageable size a smaller space offers and gives the option to lock up, leave and travel very easy!

3 tips for using cushions to enhance your living room

Cushions are great way to bring personality to your room, giving warmth to your living space as well as adding extra support to you on your sofa. As cushions can be changed with ease, they are perfect for giving your space a mini makeover to reflect the upcoming seasons or trends.